WordPress webpages development

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system. It’s used by hundreds of thousands of websites for their creation, including just about all Wikipedia pages! The CMS is updated every few months so that it stays current with the latest web standards. The internet is becoming more and more interactive with websites like WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to maintain the content on your website in one location. One of the great things about WordPress is that it allows you to develop your webpages without any coding experience, using simple drag-and-drop interfaces. With all the free resources available for developing these web pages, it’s easy to get started.

The WordPress platform is a web-based content management system designed for ease of use and visual appeal. It has been around for over 10 years and has become the go-to option for site builders, bloggers, and designers. With many unique features like thousands of free themes and plugins available to download as well as the ability to customize layouts to suit your needs, it’s no wonder that WordPress is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for business owners. The WordPress webpages development company in a small town in the Riga, Latvia found that they had a lot to offer in terms of help and support. They have been in business for many years and understand what people need. The company’s services include: domain registration, full service website, hosting, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, WordPress updates and more. Webpages were originally created to be published on the internet by using the World Wide Web. The web was designed for sharing information through interconnected hypertext documents. Since then, people have started using it for all sorts of things, including publishing blogs and even whole books. One of the most popular platforms for blogging is called WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging – so much so that more than 90% of blogs are now powered by WordPress.

You are a legal or natural person who wants to develop the marketing of your services or products by posting information about your offer on the Internet.
With what to start?

In order for your website name to gain popularity and remain in the memory of customers, choose a website name related to your services – your brand domain name.
If you target only Latvian customers, we recommend that you use a .lv domain for your new website, which will automatically apply to the Latvian contingent. You can register your domain name atNIC.lv, receiving a discount if you register the domain name for two years or more.
But since you also need to choose a hosting service, I recommend registering your domain in one place with your hosting provider.
Registration of the .lv domain for one year costs 12.05 EUR and we definitely recommend registering it in your own or your company’s name, so that after the domain payment period you can issue an invoice to your company or simply have free access to your domain at any time. name.
The .lv domain name can be registered by any natural or legal person, regardless of nationality.
In case your website is focused on an international contingent, we recommend using .com or another international extension, which you can also register with the recommended domain AREA.lv. registrar
You can also register a domain name relevant to your industry by choosing from the new extensions. In this case, we recommend using the GODADDY.com domain registration site.


The server on which your website will be hosted depends on the speed of its download to your customers and its availability, which must be at least 99.9% guaranteed by the contract. When choosing a website host – hosting, also pay attention to the capabilities of the hosting administration panel. You must be able to automatically install any of the free website platforms, database maintenance, hosting must provide daily backup of files and databases –BACKUP, 24-hour technical support if not by phone, then by communication via e-mail.
In the hosting control panel, you will be able to access files and databases both through the panel itself and via FTP with the most popular program FILEZILLA, and direct access to databases with PHPMyadmin.
You will also be able to redirect your domain name to another domain, create unlimited subdomains and create e-mail boxes.
If a hosting provider offers to host, for example, two domains but only one database, this is a marketing ploy, so it is better to choose another provider. You must also be able to create e-mail accounts without restrictions on the number of e-mail accounts, and you must have unlimited traffic to your website.
AREA.lv, whose server is physically located in the Netherlands, has been a proven and reliable hosting service provider for years. from foreign WordPress platform hosting providers BLUEHOST.com.

As already mentioned, your webmaster service control panel should provide an automatic one-click installation of WordPress, which includes database creation and automatic connection of WordPress themes, notification notifications, the addition of security modules, automatic WordPress, WP theme, and plug-in updates.

When installing WP automatically, be sure to change the WP file hosting directory name from WP, preferably change the standard WP-ADMIN panel link for WP administrator access, and change the administrator panel access name to ADMIN by default. If your server will host multiple websites, then choose a WP-database name to apply to that domain name.
Generate your new password automatically so that you can access the website only by copying it from an email or automatically logging in from your computer or hosting control panel.

When the WordPress platform is successfully installed, you need to choose a design – theme suitable for the operation of your website. The most popular and best-selling WordPress theme is AVADA, which can be usefully used for informative websites in various fields, as well as for e-shop development, blog, forum, service reservation, news portal, offline, etc. The price of the AVADA theme with lifetime updates is $ 60.

AVADA offers ready-made versions of the DEMO website at the click of a button, after which you simply need to change the texts, links, and images as well as contact information.

WordPress websites SEO services

No doubt your services Advertising on the Internet today is the fastest and most effective way!

You can use the well-known advertising website ss.lv. If you need to sell one product, that’s a good way, but if you have a company that offers multiple services and products, it’s better to choose Google AdWords.

Also, Google AdWords advertising campaigns are the price per click in the territory of Latvia can reach up to 2 EUR, however, with the correct Google AdWords, you are guaranteed advertising on the first page of Google and partner search.

To optimize your AdWords ad, you need to choose the regional coverage, language, and date and time your ad is shown. For your ads to be effective, you need to include the right page links, phone number, address, services, and, of course, preferred and unwanted search keywords.

You can also advertise services and gain potential customers from the social networks Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Draugiem.lv.

Facebook You have the opportunity to place an ad for the service for a fee, which is displayed to a specific group of Facebook users selected by age, gender, and geographical area. In addition, you can apply for your service free of charge in the relevant industry or ad group, thus gaining additional views for your WORDPRESS WEBSITE.